Where can I get race updates and information leading up to the event?
Our Facebook page is a great place to learn more about what's happening with The Bridge of Storm Lake and the race. You can also check out the Facebook event for more race-related information.

What is the course?
The 5k runs from Lake Pointe Villa to Storm Lake Marina. The 10k runs from Lakeside Marina to storm Lake Marina. Both courses run along the LakeTrail so you get a beautiful view of Storm Lake as you run.

Is the course USATF certified?
It certainly is!

What is "Team Bridge?"

All runners in the 2017 Run For Our Future race are given the option to be part of Team Bridge. This is a team of people who have chosen to raise funds through their run for The Bridge. Each runner gets a personal fundraising website and can simply share it on social media and with family/friends. Any funds that come in through the site go to supporting The Bridge's goal of funding the summer youth activities.

Want to join the effort? Please consider joining Team Bridge by checking out this page. Every contribution makes a difference in our Summer Youth Program!

Can I use a stroller or push a wheelchair?
Yes! Please use courtesy and begin behind runners without strollers or wheelchairs. Common sense is always appreciated, keep yourself and your rider safe at all times! All participants must register. Riders under 5 years of age do not have to register but must have a waiver. Please notify registration staff that you have a rider and need a waiver for them.

What is The Bridge anyway?
The Bridge is a local Christian non-profit that is "committed to advocating and caring for youth in vulnerable places of life by meeting them where they are, building a supportive community there, and providing training toward a more hope-filled future." More info can be found on The Bridge website.

What is included in The Bridge's Summer Youth Program?
To learn more about what goes on at The Bridge each summer, click here.

Can I walk this course?
Yes! However, we require participants to finish the event in 2.5 hours.

Can I run with my dog?
No! We love canines but please don't run the race with your four-legged friend.

Can I cheer for my favorite runners along the course?
Absolutely! Please encourage your friends and family members with signs and cheers. The course begins at Lakeside Marina, follows the LakeTrail through Storm Lake's beautiful parks and ends at Storm Lake Marina. This course offers plenty of
shelter, shade, and lovely scenery!

Can I listen to music while I run the race?
Jam away! More power to you if you can sing and dance while running!