Are there still tickets available?
Yes, of course! Invite your neighbors and friends!  We're so excited to share with you about The Bridge at the banquet!

How should I dress for the evening?
Business casual is the norm.

What happens if I can't fill my table?
That's quite alright.  We've always got kids and extra individual ticket holders that we need to seat.

What is the 2017 theme?  What are these big changes you speak of?
I cannot disclose that information at this time.  I guess you'll just have to come to the banquet and find out for yourself!

What if I have special dietary needs?
No problem, just let us know when you purchase yout ticket.  If you were invited by a table host, let them know your needs and we'll get you taken care of the the dinner.  

If I can't make the banquet but would still like to donate, how do I go about that?
Great question.  You can purchase a table and we can fill it with youth or staff members.  You can also donate
here if you'd like to give to The Bridge financially.

If you have any more questions that weren't covered here, call the office at 712.213.0195 or email Hannah at hannah@thebridgeofstormlake.com and she'd be happy to help!